Joola Blade Vyzaryz Hybrid

Joola Blade Vyzaryz Hybrid

kr 3100,00

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VYZARYZ HYBRID is the dual-threat blade that you’ve been searching for that is customized for the differences in forehand and backhand swings.  PBO-C is used on one side, and Super PBO-C on the other.  On one side, you’ll have a lower throw angle, perfect for driving shots.  On the other, a higher arc, perfect for traditional spin. Depending on your preference, you’ll have the ability to choose what is right for your forehand or backhand.  With Koto used as the outer veneer, you’ll have more dynamic shots and direct touch.

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Handle shape: Flared, Straight, Penhold
Veneers: 5 + 2
Technology: Outer Layer, Koto, PBO-c, Super PBO-c
Weight Netto (g): 85
Weight (in kg): 0.56


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