Joola Rhyzer Pro 50

Joola Rhyzer Pro 50

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The further development of the JOOLA Rhyzer series is the ideal rubber for players, who prefer a direct and dynamic playing feel. Just like it’s predecessor, it has a very thin and extremely grippy surface, which is under enormous tension. However, the pimple geometry of the Rhyzer Pro 50 differs radically. Wider built pimples, that are arranged in smaller distances from each other, in combination with the dynamic, pink coloured 50° sponge with mid-sized pores lead to maximum spin and speed performance.

If a high technical basic level exists, the JOOLA Rhyzer Pro 50 ignites the turbo!

Daniel Pätzold Interview – RHYZER Series

How to call RHYZER?

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Rubber category: Pimples in
Sponge color: Pink
Rubber type: With integrated speed glue effect
Rubber technology: Tensor, Geo Grip Power, Advanced Rubber Construction Concept (ARC)
Strategy: Offensive, Offensive Extreme
Sponge thickness: 2,0, max.
Sponge structure: Large pores
Speed: Extreme
Spin: Extra High
Sponge hardness: hard
Hardness: 50
Weight Netto (g): 0.07
Weight (in kg):


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