Xushaofa Premium *** (plast) x6

Xushaofa Premium *** (plast) x6

kr 120,00

Turneringsball i høy kvalitet og laget av sømløs plast.

Balltype: Plast, 3-stjerner

Farge: Hvit

Antall: 6 stk.

Selges kun i 6-pakning

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SEAMLESS PLASTIC BALL. White The exclusive technology creates balls as a single unit, not by fusing parts together under old methods. By getting rid of seams, we also got rid of unevenness in shape, weight and thickness that prevented a clean and accurate bounce in the past. Xushaofa Sports eliminated those inconsistencies in performance. Seamless balls have no soft spots, they aree tougher, more durable, and consistent all around. The Xushaofa brand has been approved by the ITTF (International Table Tennis Association).


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